Century has produced fine rods in England for over 40 years and we are in our fourth decade of manufacturing, development and research.

We are specialists in an era of generalists. Very few have the detailed technical knowledge to produce precision tackle and most contract their product ranges to large mass manufactures based in the East. Critically – we have access to grades of materials that genuinely make a difference to the action, durability and performance of a rod.

Century’s links with prime suppliers of raw materials are long-standing and we have a detailed understanding of the materials we use in our products – from high strength to high modulus carbon fibres supported by complex resin systems that carry the load between the fibres. We understand the interaction between these raw materials and how to bring maximum benefit to the angler.

A passion for fishing is about escape. To change the routines and stresses of everyday life into the thrill of the environment, brimming with anticipation. Becoming one with yourself and your surroundings. Century understands this precious time is supported with a tackle that works and performs.

Simon Chilcott, who originally founded the Company with his father in 1978, has always focused on the importance of understanding technology and where it meets the water.  Century remains a family business and the next generation is also working towards the future continuity of the Company, ensuring your long-term requirements are met when making an important decision about your tackle selections.

Our manufacturing processes are demanded by intelligent anglers, World Champions, leading aerospace companies and Formula 1™ teams.

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