German Century has produced fine rods in England for over 30 years. A passion for fishing is about escape. To change the routines and stresses of everyday life into the thrill of the environment, brimming with anticipation. Becoming one with yourself and your surroundings.

Century is committed to environmental care in everything it does. We are the first rod company in the World to secure the internationally accepted standard for environmental care – ISO14001:2004. Tough – independently audited systems ensure that we protect the environment in making our products. We do not pay lip service to the environment – we say what we do, do what we say, prove it and improve it.

Our manufacturing processes are demanded by leading anglers, World Champions, leading aerospace companies and Formula 1 teams. We are performance driven.

Simon Chilcott, who founded the Company, has always focused on the importance of understanding technology and where it meets the water.

Danny Moeskops from Belgium – World Casting Champion for the past 15 years using Century rods – is a passionate carp angler and has profoundly influenced Century’s designs. His quiet and thoughtful approach has generated many improvements. His reputation in casting is legendary and Century is proud to be associated with him.

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