C2-D X (Command Distance X)

The Century C2-D (Command Distance) has been born out of the success of the Century C2 with some anglers asking us to manufacture a more powerful big brother. When Century launched the C2 it quickly became established as the bench mark standard for an all-round carp rod due to; fish playing ability, light weight modern build, quick tip recovery and ability to be used in close margins and distances which suit most venues. The C2 remains that ultimate all round rod but it was never designed as a casting rod in the FMA/SP/FMJ grouping, hence the requests we received to have a Distance Casting version and the launch of the C2-D. This new 13’ 3.75lb rod is suited to casting 3.5oz – 5oz leads.

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Model Length Test Curve Rings Guideline Range* RRP Price
C2-D 13′ 3.80lb Century SiC 50 8-10 £650.00
C2-D 13′ 3.80lb AT Titanium K 40 8-10 £685.00

*Guideline Range: Numerical 1-10 scale is to help determine how this individual rod model fits amongst other Century carp rods and its suitability to different; action, distance, playability levels. Low numbers indicate a rod has a softer through action suited to short range, close in fishing and greater fish playing focus. Medium numbers are a great all-round rod capability. High numbers are more powerful rod suited to fishing at intermediate and long ranges. These are not set rules as some anglers still fish powerful rods close in and although a low number rod will not be capable of casting 200 yards some anglers may use a boat with that rod to fish long range.


The Century C2-D X brings together key features from both the C2-D and the C2 SP and caters to anglers who are fishing at distance on larger venues. If considering adding the C2-D X to your rod collection then you likely already own or appreciate the performance benefits the C2-D and C2 SP bring to modern distance fishing. With the C2-D X we had to start the design process again to make a rod just over 13’ at 399cm when assembled to get the maximum casting distance out of a carp rod but still fit existing 13’ rod luggage options.

Century have used the design principles of the C2-D tip section but very slightly lengthened to give the most powerful tip in our carp lineup while offering incredible anti twist properties to aid accuracy and tip speed recovery when casting.

The butt section of the C2-D X takes inspiration from the C2 SP power and slightly lengthened to give us a significantly more powerful butt section than a standard C2-D. The C2-D X has been fitted with a full shrink handle and the same Century 1k-1k carbon reelseat with Matt Black hoods used on the C2 SP.

There is a choice of guide options for this rod with the traditional carp shape Century SiC guides in size 50-16. The other option is the lighter weight Titanium K snagless guides in size 40-16.

The C2-D X might not feel quite as sensitive under the tip as a C2 SP and not quite as easy to compress as a C2-D but for anglers that need distance and have the ability to utilise this rod it will quickly become your preferred option. With practise the extra yards you put onto your casting will help set you apart from other anglers on the lake.

Build Specification:

  • Autoclave Technology for long life performance and optimum carbon manufacturing process.
  • High Performance Resin system
  • Black Aluminium Butt Cap with Century laser engraved logo
  • Full Shrink Rubber handle with 1k-1k carbon reelseat and Matt Black hoods
  • Century C2-D X graphics printed subtly in black above the reelseat
  • Century SiC 50-16 or Titanium K 40-16 guides.
  • 40+ year manufacturing pedigree immersed in World Record casting and Aerospace / Motorsport carbon composite technology.
  • Blank and Rod designed and manufactured in United Kingdom.


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