Stealth 12′ 9″ #9/10/11 Fast


A rod for those who like to fish the shorter shooting head & skagit line systems. When we saw the design brief for this rod there were a few raised eyebrows, so much power in so short a rod, was the UK market prepared for this?

Well, our field testers told us it was…

Grown men giggling like naughty schoolboys, all of them eager to try it again and again and again! A rod powerful enough to cast as far as you need but compact enough to be used in the tightest situations. The reduction in leverage certainly gives you the upper hand when needing to turn that powerful fish. This is a no compromise rod that is fast and powerful, it will generate the tightest loops and highest line speeds but it’s not a rod for the relaxed traditional top hand style casters. If you use your bottom hand for more than just holding your beer then this could be the rod for you. Match this rod with shooting heads in the 38g-44g range or skagit lines between 650gr and 750gr and get ready for take off.

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