Stealth 13′ #8/9/10 Medium Fast


Could this be the most versatile rod we ever made? A very portable length combined with a truly progressive taper makes this guy at home in so many different fishing situations on both sides of the Atlantic.

Whether it’s spate river grilse with a light spey line, BC steelhead with skagit lines or the giant atlantics of Russia and Norway with fast sinking shooting heads this rod will not disappoint you. An ideal rod for those high winds and huge sea trout of Patagonia, the list is endless. The 13’ has a smooth progressive action that loads deeper the more you ask of it, a great combination for tight loops using many different line systems and head weights. Countless hours were spent in field-testing and development to ensure that we gave you a rod that could be used easily with a wide range of line styles and head weights. From a 32g-40g shooting head to a 650 skagit or an 8/9 or 9/10 spey line, this guy isn’t fussy. A compact 13’- 4 section design makes this rod an incredible traveller that can even go as hand luggage on larger aircraft, this option gives you the security that can sometimes save your week when making those costly international trips.

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