Stealth 14′ #8/9/10 Double Butt


It is widely accepted that certain rod actions do some things better than others, fast rods for short lines and slower rods for longer lines. A rod that does everything is often described as a good all-rounder or Jack-of-all-trades. We prefer to think of them as a compromise as no single rod in our opinion can be the master of everything.

Through very careful consideration of blank taper and material composition we have overcome this problem and can offer you the ultimate solution in our DB range. The option of two butt sections that so significantly alter a rods action is we believe a first in two-handed rod design. Combine the advantages of both of our existing 14’ rods in one easy purchase and feel secure in the knowledge that your DB will handle any situation you find yourself in. Sunken shooting heads or spey lines in the big waters of spring and autumn, those delicate long spey lines in the low flows of summer or a skagit just for the fun and ease of it. Every base is now covered without the need to pay for two rods, for a little more than a single Stealth you can now go double!

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