Stealth 15′ #9/10/11 Fast


It’s fast, yet silky smooth, powerful while being so precise. These are some of the superlatives we have heard from our field testers about this rod. We wanted a rod with feel and soul while still being able to push the boundaries of performance. It appears we have been successful…

This is a fast rod which is better suited to the shorter headed spey lines and shooting head systems. A smooth and powerful action with feel which is capable of fishing all densities of sinking shooting heads and at home with spey lines in different densities up to around 55’. If you like to fish a floating spey line with poly leaders then both our 56’ 9/10 and 60’ 10/11 lines are the perfect match. We recommend heads in the 36g-44g range, cut to around 39’- 44’ depending on density. If you fish with anything other than the longer bellied spey lines this is the rod for you.

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