Stealth Slim Bankstick

As Its name suggests, this slimline range is all manufactured based around 12mm diameter, slimline carbon tube. Ultra-lightweight yet remarkably strong and hardwearing.

Six sizes available ranging from compact 6” versions which are perfect for using with our stage stands, right through to 24” in length.   New design easy grip thumb screw which prevents alignment issues, discrete Century branding on the black anodised collar and a stainless steel point to ensure long life.

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Description Weight Price
6″ (6″ to 9″) 45g £27.99
9″ (9″ to 15″) 60g £29.99
12″ (12″ to 20″) 71g £31.99
15″ (15″ to 26″) 87g £33.99
18″ (18″ to 33″) 102g £35.99
24″ (24″ to 44″) 131g £37.99


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